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Community News

Villains of Auratia: The Shax


By: Jennifer "Yaviey" Bridges

Osira and their obedient dragons are not the only creatures that roam the opulent landscapes of Auratia. The winds carry whispers of a lingering evil. The shadows call out for blood! During the month of October, we’re bringing you the stories of those evils – the villains of Auratia!

The Shax

The Shax are known to be sly, greedy, and downright evil. They’re the perfect introduction to our Villains of Auratia series! At the height of their power, they were much more developed than any other humanoid race on Auratia. The Shax had mastered machinery, construction, architecture, military prowess, the mystical arts, and even alchemy. It was this reason in particular that they were chosen as heralds by Kronos, the Devouring Dragon.

The Devouring Dragon sought to use the Shax’s alchemical abilities to develop a potent plague in which to wipe out the rest of his dragon brethren and thus feed him more power. The Shax agreed – for a price. In return for their cooperation, they were given the power to control terrible Doom Dragons. Their Doom Dragons were not susceptible to the plague they were brewing. Due to the Shax’s own soul-rotting corruption, they could not control dragons in the same way the benevolent Osira could. This was a major tactical advantage for the Shax. Or so they thought...

Despite the plague being implemented successfully and the massive wave of destruction sweeping across the land, the Shax could not have foreseen the Osiran’s strength of heart. While the Osira and good dragons suffered many casualties, the Osira were ultimately victorious at the end of the 7th Dragon War. The Osira threw out the Shax, and destroyed the once-great Shax cities and homes as punishment for all of the suffering they caused.

Now the Shax lay scattered across Auratia. But they still retain their pact with the Doom Dragons. And they are patiently waiting to take their revenge...

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