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Community News

Producer's Letter May 2014


Hey Fellow Dragon Riders,

Can you believe that it's been a full year since Dragon’s Prophet launched our closed beta phase?! For those who were not there, just before closed beta was the final time we wiped characters.  During this past year so much has been changed, improved upon, and we've seen quite a lot of new content as well.  The fun isn't stopping now though. Summer is almost here and we have some very exciting stuff coming now and in the next few months.

First let’s look at a chronological highlight of Dragon’s Prophet over the past year.

  • Change in Dragon Soul points functionality
  • Attribute changes to Charisma - Dragon capture time
  • Wintertide adventure zone
    • Dungeons, Public Events, quests, monsters, etc.
    • Level cap raised to 80
    • New Dragons
    • Class changes – renamed skills, updated tool tips
    • Dragon Chamber – additional Dragon storage
    • Secret Apartment added
    • PvP in the Frontier Islands – massive player vs player battles
    • Masteries tweaked
    • Halloween event
    • Aluntia adventure zone
      • Dungeons, Public Events, quests, monsters, etc.
      • Level cap raised to 90
      • New Dragons
      • Highlord system to go with Frontier Islands PvP
      • Guild Sanctuary – private area for capturing Dragons & battling Monsters
      • Dragonheart temple - Raid dungeon – 10 player groups
      • Silver Dragon holiday event
      • Additional Attribute changes – Constitution
      • Action point Abilities changes
      • Mounted combat
      • Olandra adventure zone
        • Dungeons, Public Events, quests, monsters, etc.
        • First underwater zone
        • Level cap raised to 94
        • New Dragons
        • Offline EXP for players resting in housing
        • Chinese New Year – Eastern patrol Dragon event
        • Class changes for Guardian & Oracle
        • Dragon Arenas – Dragons fighting Dragons!
        • Dragon Evolution system
        • Dragon Compendium – show all your Dragons collected
        • Laedis Academy revamp (Dragon Lair improvements)
        • Mounted combat for PVE
        • Easter event
        • Column of the Prophet – 100 level battle-dungeon
        • Porthis adventure zone
          • Dungeons, Public Events, quests, monsters, etc.
          • Level cap raised to 98
          • New Dragons
          • Anniversary celebration


Finally, in the Marketplace we've added some things to help level your Dragons faster, new Dragons, Companions who auto loot for you, costume weapons & armor, talking Dragon Statues for your house, holiday themed furniture, houses, and much more.

NEW content

But wait, there’s more...  We have a lot of new content coming your way over the next few months. In our next update we'll be introducing a full new area, called Porthis. Included in this new zone will be two adventure dungeons; Bladeguard Underpass and Morran Cavern. Porthis is quite a large area with many new quests and public events (PEs). One of my favorite spots is the “hidden” underwater entrances to the Scourger’s Crypt. That’s all I'll say to keep from spoiling it for you. Oh, another fun aspect of this update will be that the level cap shall also be increased to 98; currently at 94 (for those who have not reached this pinnacle of awesomeness yet).  Best of luck in the new dungeons and getting to level 98!

Soon we'll be adding a new raid dungeon, The Nucleus of Time. This raid dungeon will also allow up to 10 players. Expect it to be very tough, challenging, but also very fun. We have a revamp of the Mastery system, and improvements to the Siege War system in the very near future. Also, we'll be adding a Golden Suit quest to the Dragon Arena and the Frontier islands.

In the months to follow we have several big feature additions. One I am very excited about is the Dragon hatchling system... ohhhh, what is that?!

Hopefully this is a good amount of information for you to absorb and keep you excited. We have some great content coming up. Looking forward to seeing you in-game.

Todd “Tanthor” Carson
Senior Producer - SOE