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Community News

Spotlight on Dkombres and Littlegrim, Auratian Decorators


Tiffany Amnerys Spence

Meet Dkombres and Littlegrim, a mother/son team of Dragon’s Prophet players who have mastered the art of home decorating and design in Auratia.

“We made our home on Lyasia,” said Dkombres, or DK for short. “The people enjoy the game, work together, and enjoy seeing all areas of every map.”

July 2014 Spotlight Image 1

DK leads the guild Darwinism, a friendly and helpful guild. . “We share many laughs with everyone.” In fact, friendliness is a theme for this guild leader. “I strive to make a friendly home where all are welcome to come have a chat.”

She is also proud of her sons and their accomplishments in the game. “My boys are great players and do what they can to help everyone. Their home is simple and they have big dreams for it. They know we are here to help them.”

It’s not just a mother’s bias; these guys have created a nice home.

“Our theme was simple,” Littlegrim said, of the house he and his brother have been working on. “It was the idea of an old church we had seen when we were younger; simple and peaceful. It is still a work in progress.”


July Spotlight Image 2

When we asked what his favorite item in the home was, his reply was modest. “I really like the Shield over the door. My brother wanted to be able to put his battle axe behind it. Maybe that will happen another day.” The axe is probably being put to good use out on the battlefield.

DK has her own preferences. “Oh, my favorite items, as many already know, are my dragons. My home is always designed around the 5 living statues I have showing off my loves.” She has incorporated that love with her taste for the natural beauty of the world around into her home.

July Spotlight Image 3

“I have taken much time and visit so many houses and many of my friend’s’ apartments to see what they have done,” DK said. “Traveled all the lands as well. I know, for this person, sometimes we don't take the time to really look around at the beauty of places.”

It’s important to DK to capture that beauty. “I got little ideas here and there, and when it came time to do my own Secret Apartment, I went with what was in my heart. The vision came to life, and now all my friends spend time there. After many quests, and running through dungeons, a person and her dragon need a place to relax. A place where you and your friends can feel at home and see the beauty around them from many different lands. So here on Kharon’s Keep, it all came to life.”

July Spotlight Image 4

When asked about her goals in decorating, DK explained… “My goal is simple... be myself and do what I can so others learn about the game and have fun playing. I want Dragons Prophet to be the best MMO because I love it so much.”

July Spotlight Image 5

If you’d like to visit their homes in game, Littlegrim left these directions: “Take Elders Path to Skygrasp and just head north. If you follow that road, you will find us.”

DK has a cute little plot on Windroot Isle. You can find images of her homes here and here.

In closing, DK shared these words with us: “Dragon's Prophet should always be a place where people can join together for fun and laughs. Clear skies and Safe Flying my friends.”

July Spotlight Image 5
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