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Community News

A Year in the Marketplace


There have been quite a few helpful and exciting items we have added to the Dragon’s Prophet marketplace over the past year. Keep in mind that our overarching goal is to make items in the Marketplace nice to have but not a requirement for progression.


Some interesting highlights of what has appeared over the past year:

- Training whips, Drive potions, seal-breaking powder

- Dragons!

- Costume armor sets

- Halloween - holiday themed items

- Dragons!

- Winter celebration (Christmas) – holiday themed items

- Chinese New Year – Eastern Dragons!

- Training tools & provisions for leveling up your Dragons

- Ostara Day (Easter) holiday items – Painted Skitter Dragons!

- Dragons!

- Memorial Day Sale

- Dragons!


Here are a few of the most popular items sold over this past year:

- Seal breaking scale powder

- Catalyst

- Daily Quest reset tickets

- Server Megaphone

- Basic strengthening crystal

- Dragon drive potion

- Dragon training whip

- Condensed costume transfer elixir

What's coming next? Well, there will be more new items throughout the year. Look forward to the Dragon egg hatching system and what we might be able to offer there. Of course there will be new Dragons. Dragons with color variations. Companions, creatures and mini-dragons. Housing items are also going to become more interesting and fun in the coming months.