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Community News

Join the Anniversary Events With the Creation Festival


Piñata Activity Rules

Have you heard of the legend of Piñata? They say it’s a messenger who brings the blessings of Legendary Dragons, but also a naughty messenger who teased our ancestors. They were only able to realize its true intention through the scales that fell off its body and turned into sweet candies! Participating in the event you can earn party masks, coins, exclusive materials, & weapon skins

To join the Creation Festival, speak with a local Creation Festival Agent (in most towns & villages). They will teleport you to Star Valley.  Once you arrive at Star Valley, speak with the Creation Festival Ambassador, just off the teleportation portal. He can give you two quests for the events there. (The Ambassador will also be able to send you back to the main world.)

Be sure to open your Backpack and right click the Sword of Oracle, to equip!

Wack A Dragon

“Did you notice someone chasing Piñata? It’s a simulation of the earliest Osirans chasing a beautifully colored dragon. But we don’t use real weapons, and it’s not a real creature. This is the Creation Festival after all! If you want to chase after Piñata, then use the Sword of the Oracle I’m putting in your backpack now and join in the ‘hunt’.”

After questing and getting your Candy, see the “Dealers” to exchange your rewards for other goods.

Festive Ball

You've come at the right time. A ball is held at Sart Valley’s central hall at regular intervals. Participants can compete with each other using their dance skills. You can buy a Party Mask with one Candy Coin. Remember, all participants must wear a mask to be qualified. If you are interested, talk to the staff at the side and get yourself a mask. To attend the next ball you will need another Party Mask.

You need to first participate in the Wack A Dragon event and have collected candy. Convert the candy to festive Candy coin, then purchase a Party mask at the Grocery Dealer.