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that transports you to Auratia,
a realm where dragons fill the sky.

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Redeem a $20 Game Card, Get 500 Bonus SC

This weekend only, redeem a $20 Station Cash game card and get 500 Bonus SC!

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Posted On 03-26-2015
A Year in the Marketplace

Take a look at just some of the helpful and exciting items we've added to the Dragon’s Prophet marketplace over the past year.

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Posted On 05-28-2014
Get Your Friends In the Game With Buddy Keys

Got Friends?  Of course you do. We'd like to make you a Hero to them like you are to us in Dragon’s Prophet!

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Posted On 05-27-2014


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Viewed times

@dragons_prophet when is the patch update going be by any chance?

Playing @dragons_prophet

@DaybreakGames @everquest @everquestii @H1Z1game @planetside2 @LandmarkGame @everquest_next @dragons_prophet is there a ETA for EQ for ps4

past 2 days... 3 hazul, 2 dark flame, 1 recursive nightmare, and 1 ember spark. holy crap. #betterwithdragons

Eggs made it easier to get strong dragons... but nothing will replace the adrenaline rush of hunting a wild ancient #betterwithdragons

dryad trying to break up my fight with dark flame (who politely stopped attacking me) #betterwithdragons

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