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Guardian Ranger Oracle Sorcerer

In Dragon's Prophet you can choose between four unique classes, depending on your play-style. Each class is designed to deal damage to the monster-denizens of Auratia, and each class must choose their dragon companions wisely, because their dragon's powers can strengthen or weaken their own.


Guardians are heavily armored melee combatants who command a variety of weapons. Their reckless offense includes impact attacks and vicious strikes powerful enough to dismantle any opponent. Constant exposure to battle has made them resilient and able to withstand the risks of being on the front line. Guardians wield one or two-handed weapons, with the capability to equip a shield.


Rangers are exceptional marksmen who prefer to engage their foes at a distance. Their uncanny speed and heightened senses allow them to strike first and with deadly precision. Through excellent positioning and battlefield control they are capable of dispatching even the toughest aggressor. Rangers employ an arsenal of ranged weapons including guns and bows.


Oracles are spiritual followers of draconic disciplines who possess a keen battle prowess and harness mystical energy. They devoutly follow the instruction of their Dragon ancestors and strive to become a perfect embodiment of their ideals. Although they are lightly armored, their magical abilities provide enhanced defense and persistent rejuvenation. Oracles wield the dreaded colossal scythe or a magical focus as their weapon.


Sorcerers are arcane masters of draconic conjuration who invoke destructive elemental forces to crush their enemies. They channel the primal fabric of nature to rain fiery death on an opponent or protect themselves with an earthen barrier. Versatility and foresight are their assets in combat as they can adapt their fighting style to exploit the weaknesses of their adversaries. Sorcerers brandish wands or staves in combat but their true weapon is their incomparable offensive magic.